Why take Vitto Vitamins if you can receive all your nutrition from food?

It is quite difficult to develop a well-balanced diet that would contain all the nutrients one requires daily. In addition, taking vitamins at random without understanding the adequate proportions required may be useless, and sometimes even dangerous. Studies show that any vitamin and supplement intake should be calculated individually. For this reason, we use the UK’s best formulations to produce well balanced multivitamins.


Why should you take Vitto Vitamins twice a day (Once in the morning and once before sleeping) and why are they two different capsules?

The body requires different types of vitamins and minerals throughout a 24 hour period. Therefore, every Vitto Vitamin product is designed to balance the body through an active day as well as a restful night.


What is the best way of taking Vitto Vitamins?

Vitto Vitamins should be consumed twice a day with or after food. It can be taken after your morning and evening meals to ensure it is absorbed effectively.


Is there anything Vitto Vitamins should not be taken with?

The supplements should not be taken with hot food or drinks, as the temperature can destroy parts of the components.


What are the possible side effects of Vitto Vitamins?

In the first few weeks of intake, more frequent bowel movements are possible (30% chance). In rare circumstances, there is a less than 1% likelihood of having an allergic or intolerant reaction to the Vitto Vitamins formula, but it is no different than that of any other food products.
Important: Please stop using the product and contact your GP immediately if you experience an allergic reaction, or any type of intolerance.


Is Vitto Vitamins compatible with other medications?

Yes, Vitto Vitamins is compatible with all other medications as it is considered a food supplement and not medicinal.


Is it safe to mix so many components in one capsule?

Our formula is made using top quality UK technology which allows us to mix components without interfering with each other.


Is it possible to build up a tolerance to Vitto Vitamins?

No, micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, do not have pharmacological properties such as tolerance, or addiction.


How long should I take Vitto Vitamins?

Each Vitto Vitamin package is created for a specific time frame of 2 months, and you can continue to take them alongside your meals.


What if my child accidentally consumes a Vitto Vitamins product?

It is almost impossible to overdose on vitamins, or a single dose to be dangerous for your child's health; the extra components will leave the system through urine over the course of a day. However, to avoid any issues, please keep the products out of reach of children.


Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding take Vitto Vitamins?

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are allowed to take vitamins and minerals, but we recommend to always consult your GP before taking any type of vitamins or minerals.